Gypsy Vanners

GVHS & GHRA Registered

We believe in the true style of the original Gypsy Vanner. They should be tall, thick boned, muscular, and loads of hair. Our Gypsy Vanners are all registered, health, and color tested with an amazing temperament.


Foals Expected

*Confirmed in Foal for 2022*

Tequi & Charlie Foal 

Westmoreland Tequila 

Tequi is confirmed expecting for summer of 2022 to Chywoon Remington A.K.A. Charlie!

15.2HH sticked 
Color: Bay Tobiano Mare 

Color Genotype: EE/Aa/TT

Incredible bloodlines, massive bone structure, tons of feather and muscle, TRULY THE REAL DEAL. Sweet temperament and excellent mother.

Sire: Chywoon Remington A.K.A. Charlie 
(Not owned by Becker Ranch)

Height: 14.1h

Color: Smoky Black Pearl

Color Genotype: EE nCr nPrl Tt

Imported from France



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